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16 July 2018


Priargunsky Industrial Mining and Chemical Union (Priargunsky)(Trans-Baikal Territory, Krasnokamensk)

Priargunsky Industrial Mining and Chemical Union was established by Decree of the USSR Council of Ministers dated 20.02.1968 No. 108-31 for development of the uranium ore production and processing plant in the south-east of the Chita region on the basis of the deposit of Streltsovskiy ore field.

The main type of PJSC PIMCU operations is uranium oxide concentrate production for its subsequent enrichment at nuclear fuel cycle plants of Rosatom State Corporation. In 2014, the plant produced 1970 uranium tons.

Along with uranium raw material mining and processing, PIMCU produces a number of other products in demand on the market - non-ferrous and noble metal concentrates with base gold and high-pure element production. As of today, PJSC PIMCU has a developed infrastructure and provides itself with almost all required for uranium product output: materials, water, compressed air, electrical power, mineral uranium raw materials, coal, limestone, sulphuric acid, mining and chemical mechanical engineering products.

As a town-forming plant, PIMCU is a socially-oriented employer interested in operating territory development. The plant regularly initiates and implements projects that are socially-significant for Krasnokamensk, and as part of the consolidated group of taxpayers the town’s budget annually receives additional funds for the development and maintenance of urban infrastructure.

Since August 2008, PJSC PIMCU has been a subsidiary of JSC Atomredmetzoloto.

In 2015, 1977 tons of uranium were produced (+7 tons to the 2014 level);

One of the key 2015 achievements became the resolution adopted by the Investment Committee of Rosatom State Nuclear Energy Corporation to fund design and construction of ore mine No. 6 at PJSC PIMCU. Moreover, a crushing and screening plant was put into operation at coal storage facility of Urtuyskoe Surface Mine Office at PJSC PIMCU. The company managed to increase labour productivity and reduce the cost of finished products by 12%.

The most significant achievement of the Company team at year-end 2016 was reaching of a breakeven operation level by PJSC PIMCU. The enterprise also received a positive opinion from FAI Glavgosexpertiza of Russia on the project to construct the Mine No. 6, the launch of which will ensure its further stable development.



Address:   674673, Trans-Baikal Territory, Krasnokamensk Administration of Priargunsky Industrial Mining and Chemical Union
Phone: +7-30245- 2-53-05
Fax: +7-30245- 4-69-11
E-mail: info@ppgho.ru


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