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06 August 2018


Dalur (Kurgan Region)

Dalur, JSC is one of the holding’s modern, developing assets and the first uranium producer in Russia using the environmentally friendly in situ leaching production technology. The advantage of that technology is the closed waste-free production cycle, allowing the producer to avoid landscape changing, waste rock and tailing pit buildup.

Even when the global market conditions are unfavorable due to uranium price drop, Dalur, JSC stays profitable. The production cost of the company’s yellow cake (the end product) is one of the most competitive in the world.

Dalur, JSC was registered on June 13, 2001. TVEL, JSVC and Urangeo State Company acted as incorporators. Starting from August, 2008, Dalur, JSC has been included in the State Atomic Energy Corporation ROSATOM’s framework, with 98.89% share owned by Atomredmetzoloto (ARMZ Uranuim Holding).

The company is located in Dalmatovsky District of the Kurgan Region. Dalur, JSC develops and exploits uranium deposits in the Trans-Ural uranium ore district (Dalmatovskoye, Khokhlovkoye and Dobrovolnoye fields).

The available uranium stocks are sufficient to ensure long term stable operation. Presently, commercial development of the Dalmatovskoye field is still in progress, and experimental production at the Khokhlovkoye field are underway.

In 2016 Dalur, JSC reached 100% of their production goals.  The company was successful in implementing its “Shortening the process rate during opening and development of uranium deposits” construction project. There was 30% gain in production solution volume and economic benefits reached RUB 23 m. In 2017 Dalur, JSC will continue developing its mineral resources base and improving efficiency of its production processes. The Scandium project implementation is still ongoing. Rosatom has approved the new project configuration involving transition to production of highly pure scandium oxides and alumino-scandium alloys. In September, 2016 the scandium stock of the Dalmatovskoye field were recognized in the company’s books, allowing its commercial mining.

In 2017 Dalur, JSC started preparations for development of a new uranium deposit, Dobrovolnoye in Zverinogolovsky District of the Kurgan Region. That deposit’s commissioning will help sustaining the current uranium production level long-term. That project is supported by the local authorities as one of the keys for the region’s social and economic development.


Address: 641750, Kurgan Region, Dalmatovskiy District, 42 Uksyanskoye, Lenina St.,
Phone: +7(3522)60-00-36,
Fax: +7-3522-60-00-34
E-mail: info@dalur.ru


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