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21 May 2018


Dalur (Kurgan Region)

JSC Dalur is a state-of-the-art developing asset of the holding, the first uranium mining plant in Russia based on the environmentally friendly in-situ leaching method. The advantage of the method used at the plant is a closed waste-free mining process, which enables to avoid changes in the earth surface, generation of overburden rock dumps and tailing dams.

Even under unfavourable market conditions due to global uranium market price reduction, JSC Dalur remains cost effective. The final product (yellow cake) production cost is one of the most competitive in the world.

JSC Dalur was registered on June 13, 2001. JSC TVEL and FSUGE Urangeo were founders. Since August 2008, JSC Dalur has comprised Rosatom State Corporation, 98.89% belongs to JSC Atomredmetzoloto (ARMZ Uranium Holding).

The plant is located in the Dalmatovskiy district of the Kurgan region. JSC Dalur is engaged in commercial operation and development of deposits related to the Trans-Urals uranium-ore district (Dalmatovskoye, Khokhlovskoye and Dobrovolnoye).

The production plan of JSC Dalur is 100% complete. The enterprise successfully implemented the RPS project “Reduction in Process Timing during the Opening and Preparation of Uranium Reserves”. Increase in the volumes of the productive solutions elaborated was 30% and the economic effect amounted to 23 million rubles. In 2017, JSC Dalur will go on developing the mineral raw materials base and increasing the efficiency of production processes. The “Scandium” project implementation has been continued. ROSATOM approved a new project configuration with the transition to the production of high-purity scandium oxides and aluminum-scandium master alloys. In September 2016, recognition of the scandium reserves of the Dalmatovskoye deposit was ensured, which makes it possible to extract it with the right to commercial sale. I shall note that the Holding Company made significant progress in developing the production of other strategic metals over the past year.


Address: 641750, Kurgan Region, Dalmatovskiy District, 42 Uksyanskoye, Lenina St.,
Phone: +7(3522)60-00-36,
Fax: +7-3522-60-00-34
E-mail: info@dalur.ru


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