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21 May 2018

First Ore-Mining Company


The company is implementing Pavlovskoye project for developing the lead-zinc silver-containing deposit on Novaya Zemlya archipelago with the resource potential of over 37 mln. ore tons. The project provides for construction of a cost effective and the most northern in Russia lead-zinc ore mining and processing plant. The plant’s design capacity: 220 thous. tons of zine and 50 thous.tons of lead concentrates and 16 tons of silver per annum. These figures will enable the mining facility to be ranked second among Russian producers.

The deposit comprises the Bezymyannoye ore cluster and is just 15 km off the Barents sea coast, which stipulates favourable logistics in “port-port” format.
By now, geological explorations works have been completed and ore and metal reserves have been tentatively calculated.

Construction is planned to begin in 2017 and just two years later it is planned to produce first concentrates.

In 2015, the exploration allowed to study in the required detail the geological structure and conditions of development of the deposit, material composition and technological properties of the selected morphological ore types. Mining and geological conditions of the deposit in terms of engineering, geological, cryological and hydrogeological characteristics were recognized as favourable for mining and capital construction.


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