Krasnokamensk Celebrates 120th Anniversary of Efim Slavsky, USSR’s Minister of Medium Machine-Building

The name of Efim Slavsky is tightly connected with Krasnokamensk and the town-forming enterprise — Priargunsky Industrial Mining and Chemical Union (PIMCU, PJSC, included in the control loop of the ARMZ Uranium Holding Co. / Mining Division of ROSATOM State Atomic Energy Corporation). He signed an order to build in the Trans-Baikal steppe plant and the city. The USSR Minister of Medium Machine-Building annually visited Krasnokamensk, personally oversaw all the development of strategic metal mining. In August 2018, PIMCU was named after Efim Slavsky.

The football tournament, essay and children’s drawing contests, and other events were timed to coincide with the anniversary of the legendary minister. The main thing was the evening of memories and the presentation of the book «Efim Pavlovich Slavsky. Uranium mining enterprises of the domestic nuclear industry», written by Nikolay Petrukhin, the Chairman of the Board of Veterans of ARMZ Uranium Holding Co.

The commencement of the celebrations was the presentation of the thank-you letter from the President of the Russian Federation to the team of E. Slavsky PIMCU, PJSC for the great contribution to the development of the nuclear industry and strengthening the country’s defense capability.
«This is the highest assessment of your work, everyday work to ensure the unconditional implementation of the plan and the government order. This work began from the day the company was founded, 50 years ago, and I am sure that many decades of further development are ahead of the PIMCU,» said Vladimir Verkhovtsev, Director General of Atomredmetzoloto JSC, when presenting the award.

The Acting Governor of the Trans-Baikal Territory Alexander Mikhailovich Osipov, who took part in the festivities, highlighted: «Thanks to such personalities as Efim Slavsky, the technological and economic power of our state was forged, the country was settled, security was ensured throughout the world. Today it is important to continue his work.

The mining industry is the base for our Trans-Baikal Territory, and this priority will be maintained and developed. New mine number 6 is under construction, work will continue on diversifying the economy of Krasnokamensk, bringing social facilities into a modern look and maintaining the infrastructure in good condition.

Vladimir Pozdnyakov, Deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, and the grandson of the legendary Minister of Medium Machine-Building, Pavel Evgenievich Slavsky, also congratulated Krasnokamensk on the anniversary of E.P. Slavsky with telegrams. «A man is alive while his memory is alive. I thank you for the memory and express special gratitude to all those involved in organizing the celebration, as well as all those who led the assignment of the name of E.P. Slavsky to the enterprise», — in particular, wrote Pavel Slavsky.

The participants in the evening of memoirs recalled many memorable facts and interesting events from the life of Efim Pavlovich Slavsky: in his past, there were both farm work and a saber trek through Stavropol and Crimea as part of Budenny’s equestrian army, and the position of chief engineer-chief of a zinc plant. Such personal qualities as intelligence, courage, determination and willpower helped him to become a recognized leader and break new ground. He ensured the fulfillment of government tasks on the creation of nuclear weapons and the peaceful use of nuclear energy. Under his direct leadership, reactors and power plants for nuclear power plants, surface and submarine fleets were improved, uranium mining developed and a powerful scientific base of the nuclear industry was created. A talented organizer and strong-willed leader, he made an invaluable contribution to the formation and development of the country’s nuclear energy.

Chairman of the Council of Veterans of the ARMZ Uranium Holding Co. Nikolay Petrukhin spoke about his work on the book «Efim Pavlovich Slavsky. Uranium mining enterprises of the domestic nuclear industry », read excerpts from it. Alexander Borisovich Glotov, Director General of PIMCU, veterans of the company, shared their memories of the meetings with the legendary minister. Ensembles and creative studios of Krasnokamensk performed favorite songs of Efim Pavlovich.

The jubilee celebrations continued with the action of memory on the parapet of Dauria Palace of Culture, where the creative studios of the Palace of Culture, choral groups of the underground mine No. 1 and the Directorate for supporting the production of PIMCU performed. In memory of the legendary minister, the Krasnokamensk people gathered for an action, lined up to form the number 120, then sang one of his favorite songs together.